happy zombie jesus day ya’ll


Dream code: 1400-0433-6900


remember when everyone was comparing selling villagers to slavery



katt falls on some hard times


Did you miss out on Otsukimi in ディズニー and a dango? Here’s your chance to win one!

I grabbed 9 extras with my other characters so there will be 9 winners!

1. Reblog this entry ONCE to enter. You may also like it for an extra entry.
2. If you had the chance to pick up one up, please do not enter and let others have a chance!
3. You do not have to be following me to enter.
4. Your ask box must be open. It’s how I’ll contact the winners!

I will pick 9 winners today, April 18th at 4:00pm PDT/GMT-7. You must be able to pick up the prize within 30 minutes or I’ll pick another winner.


rainbow plaid shirt! because I am very gay (and because plaid is really fun to do in this game)


Just some quick designs I made after I realized that two of my Christmas designs were still on display in the Able Sister’s.


This is the last one for a while, I promise. I’ve tried to make it garden themed this time :)


  • Fedora chair
  • Bamboo grass
  • Rose sofa
  • Mush closet
  • Lily record player
  • Afternoon-tea set
  • cool globe
  • Perfect peaches
  • Meadow vista
  • Daisy meadow


  • Do not have to be following me - I never check, so please don’t feel you have to!
  • Likes and reblogs count
  • Must have Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Must be willing to share your FC with me
  • Ends Monday 21/04 (although there’s a possibility that I’ll have to change the date)



Once your town rolls over to bunny day, many rocks will spawn all over your town. This is for the purpose of breaking them to find Stone Eggs to turn in for Zipper T. Bunny’s prizes.

There’s a REALLY high chance that the event will glitch out where the rocks will not be removed the following day, and they’ll turn into normal unbreakable rocks.

So be sure to break all the rocks before the event ends in order to prevent this bug from happening!




literally the cutest



isabelle finally gets real


When villagers ping you while holding a shovel, bad things happen

i want to make more pride flag stuff, does anyone have any ideas?


All I did was forget she was coming over