I love them ♥

i often think about how painful it must have been to plot reset them to be next to each other

#true dedication


my roots are growing in 

i must share this tragic tale with my crossers

Anonymous inquired: Feel really bad asking this, but what's your gender?

don’t feel bad asking it, you wouldn’t be the first to have trouble
i am in fact a man
i’m a trans man if that’s how you got confused, but i am a dude



[Farm paths - pack 1]

First path from Artolia~!




hello everyone!!!

I want to start a new Dream Diary, so I need some dream towns to visit! please reply to this post with your Dream Address or reblog and add it! please don’t send it to me through the ask box/fan mail, because I want to have them all together, on this post!! I’ll start this soon and I’ll always check back to this post when I want to visit more towns, so keep replying! thanks everyone!!

I am going to be starting this soon!!! so keep sending them to me! remember, please only reply or reblog and add your dream address, because I want them to be all together, on this post!

4300 2289 7129! id love it if you could visit


I narrowly avoided death today

for the anon: i realized you said aspect HOODIES, not aspect SHIRTS. so here’s the two you wanted. let me know if there’s any further problems.

Anonymous inquired: im sorry to bother you but um your aspect hoodie links dont seem to be workingfor me?? i'm not sure why... do you have any other images of the qr codes..? of space and doom?

i recently remade and reuploaded(both versions). check in my qr tag, there is a link on my sidebar.

#talking butt box

this is digusting


made some stone paths which blend pretty damn well with this new darker summer grass! posting them jic someone else needs this kind of thing (i would love to see photos if anyone uses them)



i like tulip


(Originally called hot guy shirt, but that sounded kind of tacky.) Comes in long and short sleeves.

Looks pretty nice when paired with khakis or the white lace skirt.

#qr #screech
Anonymous inquired: Are you a transgender ?

no im six whole transgenders

#talking butt box